Drawasaurus Game (2017 – Present)

Developed using Go, React, MobX & Sass

Inspired by the popular Pictionary word game, Drawasaurus is a multiplayer drawing & guessing game for your browser. Players take turns drawing while the other players attempt to guess what is being drawn and the fastest guessers get the most points. No registration is required, try it out with some friends! Originally written with jQuery and Node.js, the site now uses React and Go.

Route Finder

Step Psychology Site (2017)

Developed using HTML & Sass

Designed for a psychology and counselling clinic, the goal for this project was to create a simple layout that would adapt to all screens while emphasising the important content. The homepage presents clear calls to action such as reading about suitable services or calling the clinic directly from your browser, as well as links to additional resources for mental health.

Route Finder

Route Finder Tool (2017)

Developed using React, Sass & Google Maps

This page uses the Google Maps API to help delivery drivers and others who need a simple way to find the quickest route to stop at a number of given addresses. Simply enter the places and search, your directions will be shown with an option to open the route in the Maps app.

Amaysim Redesign

Amaysim Redesign Design (2017)

Developed using HTML & Sass

This (unsolicited) redesign mockup of the Amaysim homepage from 2016 was my attempt to revamp the site with a minimal and responsive design, reducing the clutter and making better use of the space available on all devices. You can read my notes on the design page.

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer Tool (2017)

Developed using React & Sass

A simple tool created to start learning the React framework, this page makes it incredibly easy to use the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method useful for increasing focus and productivity while working. The page automatically keeps track of your work and break periods and alerts you when the time is up.